Peace and Clarity

One thing I know for sure, you need to become more comfortable with quiet time, alone time. Just you and your thoughts. Stop trying to dampen your feelings and thoughts with mindless technology use or “busyness”.  Preventing your emotions to be felt and processed is creating a beast inside you. One where the emotions and thoughts explode every so often, no longer able to be contained.  Not to the outside world. The explosion occurs in your head and heart and it can feel overwhelming. The explosive emotions and thoughts are so strong, the volume so large. It is easier to pretend they don’t exist.

Time to stop pretending and ignoring. You DO feel, you DO think. You are already probably know that you need to process these thoughts and feelings. You can’t keep hiding. At some stage in your life you will come to realise that the wildness needs to be heard. You need to listen. Take the time to listen. Bringing these to the surface may be a little challenging – you may cry or get angry at all the things yet unexpressed. This is OK. It is part of the process. You may be craving peace with soft, subtle feelings and emotions – not all or nothing. At this stage you don’t have to action anything – just be prepared to listen to your wild heart. The soft and subtle will come. First you have to release the beast that has built up inside you.


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