Domesticated Human

Are you a domesticated human? Routine. Living within self-made fences and boundaries?

The sad thing is that you don’t even need a real fence to keep be  domesticated,  you have either set these limitations yourself or allowed others to set them for you.

You know what is even worse, for many of you the fences aren’t even the main barrier to freedom.  Do you work long hours at a desk or in an office environment – out of the sunlight and air?  It can actually feel like you are in a cage or a box. Deprived of sunlight and movement.  For many hours of the day you don’t get to breathe fresh air and your muscles are withering away.  Your body is forgetting the joy of being wild.  Over the generations, wildness is becoming just a lost idealism.  Too many believe it can’t be regained.  Not by going back to the past,  but by creating a new vision for the future.  The new generation enable themselves to be free.

Dream of how it would feel for  the entire length of  your being to be in full flight. Experiencing the movement of every muscle and fibre.  Imagine what it would be like to run – not the boring methodical run of a domesticated runner.  I mean, a full stride, joyous run in nature.  Just running for running sake.  Not for exercise, not because you think it will make you fit.  Just because.

Do you feel the urge?  Just run!



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