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Blog-A-Day Challenge: Day 4

Day 4.  Topic of today is “what is your elevator pitch?” Damn. I have been sitting here for 10 minutes and nothing. A blank space in my normally overactive brain.  Sooooo much to condense down to a few words.  I am enthusiastic about way too many things…. OK I have two main goals (dreams):

  1. I want to green Australia from tip to tip. I want all farming to be fully sustainable and ecologically beneficial, get rid of salinity, fill and rewild every spare bit of land with plantlife (especially trees) and reclaim the deserts for farming, eco-tourism etc.  I want Australia to be the world leader in ecological restoration, sustainable ecology-based farming and minimalistic culture.
  2. There is a massive ecological disaster (fully man-created) and the general consensus is that it is pretty much irreversible. The locations is the Aral Sea on the border of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The World Bank has funded some initiatives that have shown some promise, but a full-scale restoration is required.  The impact goes well beyond the borders, and impacts glacial resilience and human health. My dream is to get the best in the world to work together to not only come up with a solution, but to implement all the initiatives and reclaim this dry salty desert, the communities and the wildlife.  This is one area desperately in need of rewilding.

I want to be part of both of these. I would love to drive and promote and gather the great minds together. I would love this to be the legacy I leave for my children.  A healthier world, people working together for the common good of our children and the future and a realisation that we are in fact capable of great things. Way too long for an elevator speech, will have to work on this one.  Have to work out how to move my language (and actions) from dreams to creating this reality.  Any ideas?


Sienna stood at the edge of the escarpment and looked out across the valley.  It was so lush and green – a stark comparison to the land they had been travelling for the past two days.  It felt like a mirage, like it couldn’t possibly be real.  A hidden gem.  Down there was the target of her pursuit.  Travis had the stone and she needed it. She knew he was close, her intuition was burning a hole in her belly.  She looked across at Blake and nodded. This was it.  There would be no going back.

She started down the slope, sliding on rivers of rock like a natural. Years of snowboarding had given her the skills and strength to manoeuvre her way through the jagged rocks as she made her fast descent.  Blake was grinning like a Cheshire cat as he slid past her effortlessly. Always competing, she thought and smiled herself.

As she neared the bottom, her pace slowed and she had a chance to raise her eyes and look around.  There ahead was a trail of broken underbrush and it was a dead giveaway that her intuition was right, she would find Travis here.  She quickly removed her shoes and saw Blake do the same.  They would be able to move through unheard.  It was important to be silent as she did not want to alert Travis of their presence.  He would be waiting for them, and that was the last thing she wanted.    She had known Travis her whole life and knew they were evenly matched in battle.  She couldn’t afford to lose, the stakes were too high. Their best chance was the element of surprise.

They ran nimbly and silently through the underbrush until they reached a tall statue that blocked the path.  This was it, this was the place she would find Travis.  A little shot of fear trickled through her for the first time and she furtively looked around for Blake.  He was only a few feet away, but he could see her confidence drop.  He gave the a thumbs-up and a smile.  That was all she needed – she drew off his strength and determination and the fear was gone.

They edged silently through the bush and there he was, standing inside a circle of stones, the ground cleared around him.  It was almost too late, the ritual had begun. She moved around the edge like a leopard, looking for the best point to make her attack. Suddenly her heart went cold as she felt the dry stick beneath her foot. It seemed an eternity for the cracking noise to come.  It rang through her ears like a gunshot and she froze, waiting for Travis to realise they were there.  He did not move and she realised that he could not hear her, already in the precursor trance.  She knew she had to take action now or all would be lost.

She drew the rope from her pocket, ready to do what she needed and bounded across the clearing.  Blake came running behind her.  She caught a shadow out of the corner of her eye. Of course, you idiot. As if he would be here alone, she thought.  She had been in too much of a hurry – foolish. She would have to deal with the shadow – and quickly. All she could hope for was that he was not trained in the arts.  That would cause them delays they did not have.

Sienna nodded to Blake and he raced across into the shadow and dragged a woman out into the light. Sienna was a little shocked – she had expected a man. The woman had no visible weapons and the look in her eyes was one of fear and confusion. The strangers eyes moved from Sienna to the man standing between them and her face softened. Sienna knew then that this was no warrior, she was clearly in love with Travis. This was going to make it difficult.  Sienna quickly grabbed the rope and they bound the woman’s hands.  A squeal escaped the woman’s lips and it was enough to rouse Travis from his trance.  He pulled a knife from the pouch on his belt and they prepared for the fight.  She knew this was going to be a fight to the death… and he was angry.

Blog-A-Day Challenge: Day 2

Today I am struggling with the writing challenge theme.  Today the question is “What do people thank you for? What do you love helping people with? What would you be happy and excited to help others with even if you don’t get paid?”

I would enjoy helping people with maths….only kidding.  What would I do? <insert long procrastination brain freeze at this point> hahahaha.

I love helping people talk through their stuck points, uncover their secret passions, talk about their secret wildness and show them glimpses of possibilities.  I love to see people start to kick off those shackles of self-limiting beliefs that keep them imprisoned in their domesticated worlds.  They are usually just living a life full of ‘shoulds’ and I know you know exactly what I am talking about because we all do it. This word in my opinion should (lol) be banned from the dictionary and never used again.

As I say to people brave enough to listen to my ramblings – “there is nothing in our lives we ‘have’ to do, just as ‘should’ is an unconscious brain fart expression that really does nothing more than tell others that we are not making a decision for ourselves. Once we use that word we are verbalising someone else’s expectation of us. If we were making the decision that was true to us, we would never use that word. True?  If you ever hear yourself using that word, stop and question whose voice are you hearing in your head or whose expectations do you feel you have to meet.

Well, this post definitely has gone down some random path, so time to bring it back to the original question – what would I help others with even if I don’t get paid…..I would help others to feel free.  I would help them think about their wildness and real ness and passions hidden inside themselves.  With freedom comes possibilities and with possibility comes an authentic life.

Always choose to life an authentic life.  I will be living it right beside you.

Kim x

Blog-A-Day Challenge: Day 1

I have joined the Blog-A-Day Challenge with Scott Dinsmore from Live Your Legend.  Today’s question for me to write about is “what makes you really angry about the world”?

Selfish, capitalist, organisations. Actually, I don’t have a problem with organisations making money, I have a massive problem with the selfishness, lack of concern about the impact their organisation is having on the planet and many societies. I am angry about the total disregard for the planet and the carelessness of their actions. It almost feels like some of them get a kick out of wholesale destructive change.

I am angry about the way many western (and increasingly Asian) organisations are destroying forests. Providing false beliefs and financial bribing/coercion to some countries. Encouraging them to destroy. By giving them money and telling them they are making a difference to their families and communities is cruel and heartless.  They are being brainwashed into destroying their own homes and lifestyles, losing their culture and planet steward role, just so someone can unethically “do business”.  All for the gain of the organisation and the loss for everyone else on the planet.  Selfish does not even define how low I think they are.  Just because they can, does not mean they should.

Where is the heart of these organisations? Faceless, soulless organisations. The cold-hearted hide behind their boards and shareholders.  Well, there is something I had forgotten. I need to group the shareholders in the selfish bunch. If they are being quoted as the reason that these organisations feel they can justify their unethical behaviours in the name of profit, then they also need to wear the scab badge.  They have a voice and can use it if they choose.

I believe it is time to put the “wild” back into organisations.  Time for them to find their heart, time for them to reclaim their soul.  Some are starting deepen that path and need to be supported and applauded.  Companies that are progressive, environmental (not just in the superficial marketing kind of way either).  Society-focused, not greedy.  These companies are finding huge dollar value in “doing right”. I will post some great case studies over the next few weeks.

Imagine if the world was full of “wild” businesses. Transformative, visionary, making real positive change and making mega dollars.  I would support them.  Time to oust the bloodsuckers.  Demand different.  If they don’t show their heart….give them the boot.