Blog-A-Day Challenge: Day 2

Today I am struggling with the writing challenge theme.  Today the question is “What do people thank you for? What do you love helping people with? What would you be happy and excited to help others with even if you don’t get paid?”

I would enjoy helping people with maths….only kidding.  What would I do? <insert long procrastination brain freeze at this point> hahahaha.

I love helping people talk through their stuck points, uncover their secret passions, talk about their secret wildness and show them glimpses of possibilities.  I love to see people start to kick off those shackles of self-limiting beliefs that keep them imprisoned in their domesticated worlds.  They are usually just living a life full of ‘shoulds’ and I know you know exactly what I am talking about because we all do it. This word in my opinion should (lol) be banned from the dictionary and never used again.

As I say to people brave enough to listen to my ramblings – “there is nothing in our lives we ‘have’ to do, just as ‘should’ is an unconscious brain fart expression that really does nothing more than tell others that we are not making a decision for ourselves. Once we use that word we are verbalising someone else’s expectation of us. If we were making the decision that was true to us, we would never use that word. True?  If you ever hear yourself using that word, stop and question whose voice are you hearing in your head or whose expectations do you feel you have to meet.

Well, this post definitely has gone down some random path, so time to bring it back to the original question – what would I help others with even if I don’t get paid…..I would help others to feel free.  I would help them think about their wildness and real ness and passions hidden inside themselves.  With freedom comes possibilities and with possibility comes an authentic life.

Always choose to life an authentic life.  I will be living it right beside you.

Kim x


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