Blog-A-Day Challenge: Day 4

Day 4.  Topic of today is “what is your elevator pitch?” Damn. I have been sitting here for 10 minutes and nothing. A blank space in my normally overactive brain.  Sooooo much to condense down to a few words.  I am enthusiastic about way too many things…. OK I have two main goals (dreams):

  1. I want to green Australia from tip to tip. I want all farming to be fully sustainable and ecologically beneficial, get rid of salinity, fill and rewild every spare bit of land with plantlife (especially trees) and reclaim the deserts for farming, eco-tourism etc.  I want Australia to be the world leader in ecological restoration, sustainable ecology-based farming and minimalistic culture.
  2. There is a massive ecological disaster (fully man-created) and the general consensus is that it is pretty much irreversible. The locations is the Aral Sea on the border of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The World Bank has funded some initiatives that have shown some promise, but a full-scale restoration is required.  The impact goes well beyond the borders, and impacts glacial resilience and human health. My dream is to get the best in the world to work together to not only come up with a solution, but to implement all the initiatives and reclaim this dry salty desert, the communities and the wildlife.  This is one area desperately in need of rewilding.

I want to be part of both of these. I would love to drive and promote and gather the great minds together. I would love this to be the legacy I leave for my children.  A healthier world, people working together for the common good of our children and the future and a realisation that we are in fact capable of great things. Way too long for an elevator speech, will have to work on this one.  Have to work out how to move my language (and actions) from dreams to creating this reality.  Any ideas?


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