Monthly Archives: December 2014


Today is the last day of 2014. Always the time when we look back on our year that has been and work out whether the year was successful or not.

i believe my year was successful.  After a horrid start to the year with a ghastly employer, several shitty jobs and some soul searching about what I wanted to do “when I grew up” – I finally had some successes that outweighed all the bad stuff.

  1. I learned that it is definitely possible to manifest through the law of attraction.  I was always on the fence…wanted to believe but never saw any real evidence.  This year I did.  I wrote down what I wanted from a work perspective and put it out to the Universe. Not only did I get a totally different job with great people, doing fun work, but the pay is amazing. Much more that I actually thought was possible for a “job”. I thought I would have to be self employed to earn good money but apparently not.  I now have a new frame of reference for what $$ I am able to earn.
  2. I met my soul friend in one of the shitty jobs in the year. I thought there was only one person who understood the way I think and who had similar beliefs, but that is now another myth debunked.  I can talk about whatever crazy idea is in my head and both these people just “get” it and we can feed off each other’s amazing energy.
  3. I learned that I was not as “trapped” as I thought in my life.  I had just been to scared to declare what I wanted in MY life.  I had always put myself way down the list and decided in my own head that no one would support me in living the way that I wanted.  Was I ever wrong!  Not only am I now openly talking about and taking actions towards my new wild life, but others are starting to live it with me.  My family are joining in on some of the travel adventures I have planned and I have discovered that some of my friends are willing to help me achieve my fitness/wellness goals and active lifestyle.  Lesson learned – make a decision (a TRUE decision) and the Universe will conspire to make it happen.

To say that everything in my life feels wonderful right now is an understatement.  I am super excited about 2015.  I am gaining confidence everyday in releasing the wild Kim.  The authentic me is emerging and the Stepford Wife version is fading away.  I get excited just thinking about the possibilities. Now that I have the evidence that shows that I really CAN change my life and that only my beliefs (as real as they appeared) were holding me back, I question everything about my life. I allow myself to dream of what could be possible and I am starting to believe that it can be anything I want it to be.  How empowering and exciting. I am beginning to live my new life – my wild adventure-filled spontaneous healthy life and I know you are starting to live yours…aren’t you? 😄


First Connection to Rewilding

Today I made a connection…I just finished reading the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. AMAZING!

It exactly describes how I often visualise myself – that joy and abandon I dream of, but have not experienced in a long time.  I close my eyes and I can feel myself running, feeling like I am flying. I can feel the wind on my face and my lungs filling with life-giving air. There is a huge smile on my face and I know for certain I am free.

This is reclaiming my wildness. As in the book I have fought my whole life not to wear shoes, only putting them on if I absolutely have to.  My staples are bare feet and thongs (flip flops) – the latter only if I have to be “respectable”. Even these get kicked off as soon as I cross the threshold into my home (or anyone else’s home for that matter hahahaha).

Time to get back to nature, or as close to wilderness as I can get living in a town.  There are some great small hills near my home – great to begin my training.  I am going to do step 1 – barefoot for the walking and minimal shoes for my learning to run.

Important that I do as much barefoot as I can (without the stress of running) while I get the responses in my feet rewilded, get my muscles working propyl and build my bone strength.  I have a way to go to get from a soppy, under exercised slop to what I know is my birth right – a strong, agile, wild person – free spirited and in love with being alive.

Another day closer to releasing my wild….