Monthly Archives: April 2015

Permission to be free

She stood upon the beach and breathed deeply. With every breath her lungs filled with the excitement of her new life. She was freeing herself piece by piece of all the past hurts and disappointments. Her life had not been bad – it was just so rigid, confining and boring. She had felt she had no life and that time was slipping away, any memories she could have made drained like the water through the sands beneath her feet. They would never be her memories – she never took the chance. She never gave herself permission to listen to her soul. She just dreamed of the events and activities that would leave her bursting with remembering and stories she could share. But her soul was empty. She had no stories to share. She was lonely inside and dying a little more with every year that passed. How sad to have missed out on living… but that was the old her. She had decided to take her life on, be accountable for her decisions and give herself permission to live.

The beginning had been scary. She thought her family and friends would think she had gone crazy (and some of them did), but every exciting, scary step empowered her a little more to take the next step. With every brave new move, she worried less about what others thought of her. She was gathering joyous memories into her ever expanding spirit. Her very being was beginning to glow with the wildness that was inside her. She was attracting new people and new events into her life and she was finally feeling alive.

She turned her eyes to the rocks at the end of the beach and began her run. The breeze gently caressed her hair and the warm air bathed her with its energy. Life was changing, and it was amazing…..

Imagine a life filled with joy, energy and abundance. Imagine a life where your spirit soars with anticipation of the next exciting adventure.

Lets give ourselves permission to live our OWN life. Love and kisses xxx