What is wild?

I was sitting her re-reading the old posts (it has been over a year since I last read these) and reflecting on my own experiences in this time.

Truth is I have not lived a single day of wild in that time – not one single spontaneous endeavour, not one crazy impulsive decision.  It got me thinking – why is it so hard to be wild?

1. Fear of being unsafe

The old original limiting belief….fear.  Often we don’t even know what we are afraid of – it is just “too scary”.  If you think you are not being wild because you are too lazy, then this is often your limiting belief.  Something in you thinks it is not a good idea.  That fear of the unknown – what will happen if I??

2. Fear of rejection

When we are young we often don’t care about perception of us. If it feels good we often just do it and therefore are much freer, often quite wild.  As we get older somewhere we lose that and we start worrying about what others will think. Will they think I don’t love them because I want time away from them?  Will they think I am too old to be having outrageous fun – “what are you doing that for, don’t you think you are a bit old?”.  What the fuck??  What does that have to do with anything?

Often we don’t just jump into freedom because we think or know someone else won’t like it.  This one can be challenging to overcome particularly if those that are close to us are doing their best to prevent us from changing. Change is uncomfortable for many and to see you growing also brings to bear their own fears  of rejection.  Funny old world this – people are rarely their own person cohabitation with others.  One of the couple, or others within the family are really encouraged to confirm so much that they don’t even know who they are anymore or what they want.


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