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My Own Wild

i opened my blog this morning and for the first time in a long time I noticed the tag line I had put in the banner when I created this blog….”finding the wild in ourselves”.  This was my original intention for my blog but somewhere along the way that got lost.  I originally wanted to use this as an online journal while I explored my own rewilding journey.  I began using it to test other thoughts and somehow strayed off my path.  I am still passionate about healing this world, but I need to heal me first so back to first principles – change what is directly in your control.

So…..I figure it is time to have a little fun being introspective and writing about finding the wild in myself.  Now, more than ever I need to start finding the “real” me.  I don’t even know who “me” is anymore.  I am a mix of everyone else’s shoulds and sometimes I am just too “go with the flow” that I end up down everyone else’s idea of my life right down to daily actions and food choices.

I am ready for a little wild.  I can feel the excitement of seeing a little wild shadow appearing. I know it is there. Time to begin teasing it out and see who the authentic me is.  Wild….feel it? I see the shadow and I am ready for more.

Kim xx