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What is wild?

I was sitting her re-reading the old posts (it has been over a year since I last read these) and reflecting on my own experiences in this time.

Truth is I have not lived a single day of wild in that time – not one single spontaneous endeavour, not one crazy impulsive decision.  It got me thinking – why is it so hard to be wild?

1. Fear of being unsafe

The old original limiting belief….fear.  Often we don’t even know what we are afraid of – it is just “too scary”.  If you think you are not being wild because you are too lazy, then this is often your limiting belief.  Something in you thinks it is not a good idea.  That fear of the unknown – what will happen if I??

2. Fear of rejection

When we are young we often don’t care about perception of us. If it feels good we often just do it and therefore are much freer, often quite wild.  As we get older somewhere we lose that and we start worrying about what others will think. Will they think I don’t love them because I want time away from them?  Will they think I am too old to be having outrageous fun – “what are you doing that for, don’t you think you are a bit old?”.  What the fuck??  What does that have to do with anything?

Often we don’t just jump into freedom because we think or know someone else won’t like it.  This one can be challenging to overcome particularly if those that are close to us are doing their best to prevent us from changing. Change is uncomfortable for many and to see you growing also brings to bear their own fears  of rejection.  Funny old world this – people are rarely their own person cohabitation with others.  One of the couple, or others within the family are really encouraged to confirm so much that they don’t even know who they are anymore or what they want.


Permission to be free

She stood upon the beach and breathed deeply. With every breath her lungs filled with the excitement of her new life. She was freeing herself piece by piece of all the past hurts and disappointments. Her life had not been bad – it was just so rigid, confining and boring. She had felt she had no life and that time was slipping away, any memories she could have made drained like the water through the sands beneath her feet. They would never be her memories – she never took the chance. She never gave herself permission to listen to her soul. She just dreamed of the events and activities that would leave her bursting with remembering and stories she could share. But her soul was empty. She had no stories to share. She was lonely inside and dying a little more with every year that passed. How sad to have missed out on living… but that was the old her. She had decided to take her life on, be accountable for her decisions and give herself permission to live.

The beginning had been scary. She thought her family and friends would think she had gone crazy (and some of them did), but every exciting, scary step empowered her a little more to take the next step. With every brave new move, she worried less about what others thought of her. She was gathering joyous memories into her ever expanding spirit. Her very being was beginning to glow with the wildness that was inside her. She was attracting new people and new events into her life and she was finally feeling alive.

She turned her eyes to the rocks at the end of the beach and began her run. The breeze gently caressed her hair and the warm air bathed her with its energy. Life was changing, and it was amazing…..

Imagine a life filled with joy, energy and abundance. Imagine a life where your spirit soars with anticipation of the next exciting adventure.

Lets give ourselves permission to live our OWN life. Love and kisses xxx


Today is the last day of 2014. Always the time when we look back on our year that has been and work out whether the year was successful or not.

i believe my year was successful.  After a horrid start to the year with a ghastly employer, several shitty jobs and some soul searching about what I wanted to do “when I grew up” – I finally had some successes that outweighed all the bad stuff.

  1. I learned that it is definitely possible to manifest through the law of attraction.  I was always on the fence…wanted to believe but never saw any real evidence.  This year I did.  I wrote down what I wanted from a work perspective and put it out to the Universe. Not only did I get a totally different job with great people, doing fun work, but the pay is amazing. Much more that I actually thought was possible for a “job”. I thought I would have to be self employed to earn good money but apparently not.  I now have a new frame of reference for what $$ I am able to earn.
  2. I met my soul friend in one of the shitty jobs in the year. I thought there was only one person who understood the way I think and who had similar beliefs, but that is now another myth debunked.  I can talk about whatever crazy idea is in my head and both these people just “get” it and we can feed off each other’s amazing energy.
  3. I learned that I was not as “trapped” as I thought in my life.  I had just been to scared to declare what I wanted in MY life.  I had always put myself way down the list and decided in my own head that no one would support me in living the way that I wanted.  Was I ever wrong!  Not only am I now openly talking about and taking actions towards my new wild life, but others are starting to live it with me.  My family are joining in on some of the travel adventures I have planned and I have discovered that some of my friends are willing to help me achieve my fitness/wellness goals and active lifestyle.  Lesson learned – make a decision (a TRUE decision) and the Universe will conspire to make it happen.

To say that everything in my life feels wonderful right now is an understatement.  I am super excited about 2015.  I am gaining confidence everyday in releasing the wild Kim.  The authentic me is emerging and the Stepford Wife version is fading away.  I get excited just thinking about the possibilities. Now that I have the evidence that shows that I really CAN change my life and that only my beliefs (as real as they appeared) were holding me back, I question everything about my life. I allow myself to dream of what could be possible and I am starting to believe that it can be anything I want it to be.  How empowering and exciting. I am beginning to live my new life – my wild adventure-filled spontaneous healthy life and I know you are starting to live yours…aren’t you? 😄

Passion Reignited!!!!

Today I feel renewed and inspired again.  Things have been flat for the last few weeks but I feel…yes, actually feel again.

My mind is going a thousand miles an hour with all the possibilities.  I just have to work out how to get from thinking in wave form and begin to convert that to actual tangibles….keep posted as I wade my way through this. Xx

Going with the Flow

I have been talking to some amazing people lately and we have agreed to let our writing “go with the flow” so here I am. Here is my soul. This is the story that troubles me.  It is raw and unedited, but it speaks my heart.

How much damage have we done to this planet? How many deserts and wastelands have we created? Too many to count.  We are constantly contaminating the streams and oceans, all in the name of consumerism.  What about earthism or some other similar ism?  Revolutions of rewilding?  Bring back the wild. Re-enliven all the parts of our world we have effectively killed off.  Restore, revitalise, rewild. That is what we need to do.

I don’t mean to sound evangelistic, I am just passionate.  I have swallowed my voice for too long. These problems are real.  We have blown holes in the earth and left massive gaping holes.  Whole streets are collapsing over the world because we, like worms, are burying under the soil creating tunnels for mines and sucking the very foundations out from under us.  We are deforesting at a speed never seen before. Have we truly forgotten the wonderful lands we had before or are we just ignoring what we know is going to happen. Are we scared to confront it because it is so big?

The deserts, the Welsh moors – once teeming with life now barren landscapes and we think these are normal.  This is not how they have always been. It’s not. Not even close.  These places once flourished with life, forests created their own soils and ecosystems.  People destroyed that, but people can bring the life back.  Most people don’t believe it is possible, or care, but it is possible and some people do care. See Green the Desert as an example.

Although this example is on a tiny scale and not well resources to get it past restore and into revitalise stage, it shows the possibility.  What they learnt from that project was that we need consistent care and management until the restoration is well established. After that it just becomes nurturing because nature can take over from there. It truly is possible.

There is always the question of money – how are we going to fund these projects?  There is more than enough money in the world to revitalise our whole planet, it is a matter or moving the focus.  Imagine all the viable lands available for people again. Reclaiming the deserts and wastelands will provide enough land to feed us. Of course we have to align this with sustainable farming practices.  Not growing miles of monoculture to feed our cattle or to be used as “filler” in our processed foods.  I am talking about real foods, diversity in foods.  Sustainable practices, balance and a holistic approach to the earth. No more stripping and pillaging.  Self-supporting ecosystems that include humans.  Not single minded consumer driven monoculture that exclude every living thing, except humans and money.

Our consumerism is stripping the planet, leaving it naked and exposed. The winds taking the very skin and leaving it lifeless and barren. The lifeblood is being irrigated, polluted and wasted.  Whole river systems are systematically being destroyed, all because we are choosing, yes choosing as even ignorance is a choice, to let them be destroyed. We are not actively caring for the planet.  I suppose it is a bit like our own societies now – short term pleasures being sought with little or no disregard to the long term impacts.  Our health is a perfect example, so many self inflicted diseases and chronic health issues and we think we have the right to make decisions about the planet.  We can’t even make long term health decisions about ourselves, how can we possibly make decisions about our planet when the majority are for the now…the “trust me it will be fine” messages we constantly hear.  Well it’s not fine and I personally am so sick of hearing these messages. They are just untrue and the big corporations have shown us now that their self interest is killing the earth one palm field at a time.  But we have to also take accountability.  The big corporations are providing what we keep buying.

There are caretakers already out there.  A minority who have learned the lessons, the truly inspired. I think this is changing though.  Awareness is raising, almost enough to start making a difference.  These are the people, projects and organisations we should be funnelling our money toward.  Invest in ethical organisations and projects that are making a difference. Stop buying “stuff” and actively supporting the destruction and decimation of our home.

We need two types of people – one to restore and revitalise, the other to revitalise and rewild.  One group that are achieves, the strivers, the ActionJacksons.  The other are the healers, the stable, the holistic mindful operators that can sustain momentum for the long haul – and it will be a long haul.  It has taken many generations to get in such a bad state and it will take consistent effort over many generations to get it right.  What kind of legacy do we want to leave for our children? One of hopelessness, or one with a future, a bright energy filled future?  I choose the latter and it all starts with intent.

So many of the people I have spoken to talk of a restlessness that won’t go away. That something that is not sitting comfortably with them.  They have a feeling that something big is calling them, their passion, their purpose.  They feel it in their very being.

The planet is calling us, I feel it. It is a deep knowing.  It is calling us, just as it always has, but we stopped listening. Our ancestors were connected, but we have forgotten how to hear.  We just sit with our discomfort, searching for the cause but not acknowledging our hearts. We know.  Many of us feel it so strongly it keeps us awake at night.  Stop and listen. Open your heart and feel the energy of nature.  You are awakening to your purpose and the changes will be huge.