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Blog-A-Day Challenge: Day 1

I have joined the Blog-A-Day Challenge with Scott Dinsmore from Live Your Legend.  Today’s question for me to write about is “what makes you really angry about the world”?

Selfish, capitalist, organisations. Actually, I don’t have a problem with organisations making money, I have a massive problem with the selfishness, lack of concern about the impact their organisation is having on the planet and many societies. I am angry about the total disregard for the planet and the carelessness of their actions. It almost feels like some of them get a kick out of wholesale destructive change.

I am angry about the way many western (and increasingly Asian) organisations are destroying forests. Providing false beliefs and financial bribing/coercion to some countries. Encouraging them to destroy. By giving them money and telling them they are making a difference to their families and communities is cruel and heartless.  They are being brainwashed into destroying their own homes and lifestyles, losing their culture and planet steward role, just so someone can unethically “do business”.  All for the gain of the organisation and the loss for everyone else on the planet.  Selfish does not even define how low I think they are.  Just because they can, does not mean they should.

Where is the heart of these organisations? Faceless, soulless organisations. The cold-hearted hide behind their boards and shareholders.  Well, there is something I had forgotten. I need to group the shareholders in the selfish bunch. If they are being quoted as the reason that these organisations feel they can justify their unethical behaviours in the name of profit, then they also need to wear the scab badge.  They have a voice and can use it if they choose.

I believe it is time to put the “wild” back into organisations.  Time for them to find their heart, time for them to reclaim their soul.  Some are starting deepen that path and need to be supported and applauded.  Companies that are progressive, environmental (not just in the superficial marketing kind of way either).  Society-focused, not greedy.  These companies are finding huge dollar value in “doing right”. I will post some great case studies over the next few weeks.

Imagine if the world was full of “wild” businesses. Transformative, visionary, making real positive change and making mega dollars.  I would support them.  Time to oust the bloodsuckers.  Demand different.  If they don’t show their heart….give them the boot.